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 Twenty Years ago I was a student at Gerede Vocational High School,hated city life.

I loved the nature and countryside.I lived in beautiful typical village  house. Our village houses were build many years ago by Our Grandfathers.Our Village (Gerede Yakakaya) was surrounded by trees and Köroğlu mountains.The Mountains tops were covered in snow throughout the year.The Houses were rewired several years ago.It was a very good contition. My parents and my big brother were very happy.....

Nowadays in big cities,most people don't visit their neighbours. They want to stay at their homes and watch television. People don't know each other  even in the same apartment buildings. They rarely visit each other. They usually don't greet or smile at each other. They walk or run past each other without greeting. People are more selfish than They were , and they always think themselves.

   Twenty or more years ago, things were different. The relations among people used to be more sincere and friendly. Families used to visit each other in the evenings People usually used to talk and greet each other on buses and in the streets and iand in the fields.They used to help each other everywhere, and every time they need. They didn't use to stay at homes, watch TV all day and  night. People didn't use to be selfish, and didn't use to ignore each other in their daily lives. They used to be more friendly and helpful.....  


Bismillah, In the Name of God, is the start of all things good. We too shall start with it. Know, O my soul! Just as this blessed phrase is a mark of Islam, so too it is constantly recited by all beings through their tongues of disposition..
Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

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